Apparently, the game is called Luminarise, not Luminalize, as I previously believed. I can't say one's an improvement over the other. I shouldn't be spending time on this, as I've got a ton of work to do, but I have to have some sort of down time, so here we go. Pics are on the official site; I assume that if you're reading this, you know the order of the Guardians' elements (yellow/Light, then purple/Darkness, etc.). Comments in italics are my own.

ETA 10/8/20: 4Gamer recently added a couple bits of character data for Yue and Vergil; I've added it to their profiles
ETA2 11/8/20: The same has been done for Noah and Shuri.
ETA3 12/10/20: More bits for Kanata & Lorenzo (from here plus Milan & Xeno (from here, plus added the profile of secretary Cyrus I missed.


VA: Shinba Tsuchiya
"My very existence is a miracle - fantasy itself."
Note: At least you could punch Narcis Prince in the face.

Boasts an candid, forthright demeanor and boundless confidence; the life of the party for everyone. As Primus (leader) of the Guardians, he should be working hard day in, day out - however...

Age: 25
Height: 176 cm (approx. 5'9")
Birthday: August 8
Star Sign: Leo
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Calligraphy (good penmanship)
Talent: Making quick decisions & taking decisive action

Note: A Primus is a presiding bishop over a body of...well, other bishops. As the "Guardians" are technically the "Holy Guardians" or "Guardian Saints" (that's the "sei" in "shugosei"), this seems apt. The title is not given in katakana but is rendered as 首座 ("shuza"); it appears in the term 首座主教 ("shuza shukkyou"), translated to "Primus" or "Bishop Primate." In other words, my translation involves a bit of latitude but is, I feel, appropriate, particularly given that it is, in this context, a pompous title for a pompous ass. This term, to my knowledge, has not appeared previously in the franchise and is unique to Luminarise.
Anyhow, I stand by my previous assessment - this twerp comes across as an entitled little shit I have no desire to get to know.


VA: Hiroki Nanami
"It's better if you don't know. It's more convenient that way. ...Always has been. For as long as I can remember."

For some reason, fears people getting close to him. His pure and innocent, childish nature belies his age.

Age: 22
Height: 168 cm (approx. 5'6")
Birthday: November 6
Star Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: B
Hobby: Cleaning
Talent: Getting by unnoticed

Looks way, way too young. He comes across as younger than Marcel in his earlier days. And that three-sizes-too-big winter wear. I'm never going to stop thinking about Ralphie's little brother from A Christmas Story whenever I look at him.


VA: Yuu Miyazaki
"Please - take advantage of me. I've been waiting for the longest time, after all."

An older Guardian with a princely demeanor and a manner of speaking that's polite yet disarmingly free-spirited. He also can be shockingly callous at times - a complicated character.

Age: 27
Height: 178 cm (approx. 5'10")
Birthday: January 14
Star Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: B
Hobby: Physical pursuits such as marksmanship and weight training
Talent: Perfectly concealing his true emotions

Seems like Rene's combination of politesse and callousness in Bernard's body. I understand part of why I liked the outfit now, as it was inspired by Randy's in Retour. That's still a cool color scheme, though. The cast is kind of top-heavy with jerks, though, as discussed below.


VA: Takeo Ootsuka
"You got some guts, girl. ...Well, whatever."

A high-school senior from the heroine's area who just became a Guardian. He is unable to accept the circumstances in which he finds himself.

Age: 18
Height: 176 cm (approx. 5'9")
Birthday: December 2
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Video games (on handhelds)
Talent: Magic tricks (found them fun in elementary school and got really into them; now, he's a little embarrassed to do them)

Zephel as a Water Guardian - though I don't see what says "gentleness-bearing Water" about him. They don't seem even to be trying with this guy.


VA: Takuya Sato
"I will give my utmost for the sake of the universe. ...That is all."

Taciturn; does not play well with others. Was made a Guardian for a certain reason, but won't discuss it with anyone.

Age: 27
Height: 185 cm (approx. 6'1")
Birthday: September 22
Star Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Reading
Talent: Making various things with a knife [I suppose this means whittling?]

Oscar likeness aside, it's interesting that the most allegedly "unsociable" Guardian is actually one of the more likable characters. At least he has some notion of self-sacrifice, which is more than you can say for almost everyone in the cast so far.


VA: Shohei Komatsu
"At last! A rendezvous with you at the forest lake! Let's not waste time - shall we pretend to be lovers?"

A guileless soul with a bright & cheerful character - who can't read a room. A genius at dancing: from his childhood, his moves have been called "divine."

Age: 26
Height: 176 cm (approx. 5'9")
Birthday: February 8
Star Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Listening to beautiful music
Talent: His dancing is divine

So is he a reincarnated Giovanni? He has a very similar look and personality, he's a Guardian of Green, he has the Italian association in his name - even his outfit isn't a million miles removed from what we see of Giovanni in his dancer's disguise. Setting info makes it seem as if we're dealing with the same Divine Bird Sanctuary, just in a different time, so reincarnation isn't out of the question.


VA: Nobunaga Shimazaki
"Don't knock yourself out, OK? I'll help you out - if you're OK with me helping, that is. Don't expect too much, though."

Kind by nature, he'll leap at the chance to help others. Clever; can create anything. Worried about Kanata, who just became a Guardian.

Age: 19
Height: 173 cm (approx. 5'8")
Birthday: July 10
Star Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Cooking (takes advantage of his nimble fingers + makes people happy)
Talent: Good with his hands; can make anything

It seems that for many of these characters, they just switched around aspects of previous Guardians' personalities to Guardians in other positions. Kanata has Zephel's attitude. Vergil has Rene's brattiness. Xeno has much of Zephel's look but Marcel's kindness, youth, and worry for the newcomer.


VA: Yuto Uemura
"Flail about like that, and it will occur to someone to help you, I suppose. Is that how you've managed to bumble your way through life so far?"

In pursuit of the "beautiful way of life" he desires, this Guardian is harsh on himself and others. Despite his appearance, he is a man of common sense in certain respects and boasts a strong sense of responsibility.

Age: 25
Height: 178 cm (approx. 5'10")
Birthday: June 13
Blood Type: A

I think this design is very bad. It's a concept of an "artistic person" with no sense of art and that doesn't express the subject's personality at all.


VA: Ryota Takeuchi
"Allow me to enlighten you. Just leave it all to me, my cute little pupil."

Before he became a Guardian, he was a talented industrialist who created numerous inventions that changed the world. His thirst for knowledge is very strong. An adult who's comfortable in his own skin.

Age: 30
Height: 183 cm (approx. 6'0")
Birthday: October 22
Star Sign: Libra
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Listening to others
Talent: Guiding others

Charlie but smarmy. So many of these guys are condescending - Yue, Lorenzo, Felix. It reminds me of Miko Mitsuki's Retour comics, which so often depicted Angelique Limoges as this little, little baby girl surrounded by big, big men so much ~better~ than her. What's going on in Japan these days?


VA: Yuki Ono
Your Weirdo Butler
::makes a bird call:: "Did you think that was a black kite? It was me! I was just trying to set the mood: the image of the sea in summer."

But how does he compare with Masaki Sakuragawa?

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