NOTE: I suppose there are spoilers for Transistor below. And above too, I guess, in a vague way. Um, sorry.

Mr. Bracket has a few additional comments for the reader, and his confederates, in the manual to Transistor's physical edition from Limited Run Games. Does the Process really want what the Camerata did for Cloudbank, as per the second remark? It just seems to want to build and reshape rapaciously, so far as it "wants" anything, and it appears that it'd get that more under Cloudbank's constant, go-nowhere transience than it would under the Camerata's envisioned strides toward more sweeping change but a greater semblance of permanence. Maybe I'm overthinking it: Royce wants to build, the Process wants to build, and what Royce wants, he assumes his comrades would want, too.

Here's the section from the manual on the Camerata.

It's weird seeing character traits all laid out plainly like this, as the actual game is obsessively, inexplicably vague about the smallest plot details, right down to the infamous "...oh, they were married" delayed realization.

55 is a pretty early "end" for a politician's career, but given everyone's likely a computer person in Transistor, I suppose 55 years *is* an awfully long time for a software element not to be replaced. Maybe Cloudbank is part of a nuclear bunker.

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