I was browsing Game Informer's holiday gift guide and was confused to find in their Music section the vinyl for Ape Out - one of the two lone game OSTs on the list, featured rather prominently, second only to an Annapurna deluxe soundtrack set. Why are they still pushing this damn thing? I thought, having spent Giant Bomb's last Game of the Year discussions puzzled as to why they were touting a brain-dead Hotline Miami clone with Saul Bass trappings as the real Goose Game for real gamers - because it had blood 'n' guts, you see.

Thinking of the reliable connection between the efforts of ex-GameSpot reviewers and suspiciously lavish critical accolades, I did a search for "ape out" and "gamespot" that pulled no relevant hits, but my next search, the one above, yielded the answer - Ape Out's creator was a big shot at Harmonix, Alex Navarro's old company. I'd be disappointed if I still had the capacity for surprise in these matters.

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