First, from The Art Librarian, which solicits prompts of paintings and returns books the maintainer believes reminiscent of them, a selection that reminded me, for obvious reasons, of Snake from 999:

Second, a short bit from a simple photo book entitled Angels: Messengers from Heaven. One quote accompanying a Melozzo da Forlì fresco struck me as reminiscent of Angelique's Guardian of Light:

It's the bit about "almost harsh in its perfection" that reminded me strongly of Julious. I don't recall the man himself having any aptitude with instruments. In fact, there's this one novel about the Guardians at a music festival that has Julious encountering considerable difficulty in learning to play the flute (with Clavis smirking over him attempting "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"). But, you know. Embouchure instruments.

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