Angelique Luminarise comes out tomorrow. Actually, given the time difference between Japan and the U.S., it's probably already out as of this writing. I am planning to download it - the fancy accoutrements accompanying deluxe editions of otome games can almost always be had more affordably on Suruga-ya a few months later, and I'm not yet sure I want tchotchkes of this cast at this point. I was planning on blogging about my playthrough here, but it's not looking like I'm going immediately to have the time.

I've been involved in trying to address a very pressing local problem, which has been the major reason for my absence. (I'll give details later, in a longer post.) That's nearing its end, whatever that end might look like, but I'm still very much enmeshed in it. I'm also planning on spending most of the summer 2,500 miles away from my current home in an attempt to determine where I want to live long-term - which certainly isn't here, in no small part due to the Ongoing Local Problem. Beyond that, I've been busier than ever in my professional translation career, to the point where I might have to start turning down work. All of that is going to take away from any time I have to play or document Luminarise, unfortunately.

The good news is that I've finished - "finished" - the first stage of translating the text from the original Super Famicom Angelique, the very first otome game. Now, the document linked does not represent a complete translation of the game's text: it's based on the Angelique Message Collection script compilation book, which focuses on the Guardians' dialogue and leaves out bits like Sara & Pastha's story, most of Rosalia's lines, and most interface text. It's 90% of the way there, though, and there are always pick-up bits when the translation is inserted into a patch - lines in the script dump you didn't find in your playthrough or other resources that will need translating. I had to make an executive decision to be content with the material from the book as is and proceed to the next step, pairing the translated lines with the original Japanese in a spreadsheet. It's a nearly-neverending journey, but at least no one has to start at base camp anymore.

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