It is the Year of the Tiger today, as celebrated by pandorkful in this piece, and may we all be as buoyant, in good spirits, and well-haberdashered as these two gentlemen. It does my heart good to see them like this, in their manga incarnations again, genuinely happy in their individual miens. Pandorkful has a Patreon, and it's a joy to get art like this, with the characters I love, for being a member.

Things have been hectic in my life as of late, and not a good hectic, not the getting-stuff-done hectic. I've been dealing with a local situation that I was considering sharing in detail here to seek advice, but it's too involved, and too depressing, to detail sufficiently to catch everyone up - and I think I already have a way forward, though it's just going to be a pain. But that's the new year, Chinese or Occidental: new beginnings, and resolutions.

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