Three personal reasons to recommend the collection of reviews of Japanese exclusives at the Bouken Boy tumblr: One, he has reviews of three Angelique games - Neo, Retour, and Maren. Two, he has a review of Tenshi no Uta: Shiroki Tsubasa no Inori, the Super Famicom incarnation of an angel-themed series of RPGs with lovely, uniquely-soft sprite art. Three, he is the only human being besides myself to recognize that Seiken Densetsu 3's refusal to let players actually freaking attack something when they press the button is freaking gamebreaking.

I am posting to share his observation on an event from Giovanni's route in Maren (from which the pic is blatantly stolen), which was for me the laugh of the week: 


They go to the opera! He gives her a new dress! A fancy restaurant! Flowers! It’s amazing!

It is then revealed that he was able to go to such excesses because he scammed rich people out of their money. Teresa, for whatever reason, is appalled at this, and basically tears him apart, making a huge scene in public, even - and I was completely dumbfounded. This might be a bit too political for a gaming blog, but I personally would have no issue with someone I am interested in romantically treating me to a five-star experience through some rich asshole’s money. They’ll be fine, they’re rich - who cares? It would be one thing if he was beating up orphans in the street, but Giovanni only targets those who can afford a little blackmail. He is the ideal husband. Teresa should deal with it.

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