Mark the calendar, it's a momentous occasion: for the time in my site's 25-year history, someone's trying to DDOS me. Well, it's just one IP, so the attack isn't Distributed, but if you say "someone's trying to DOS me," the natural response is: "you think someone's trying to Disk Operating System you?"

The attempt is, predictably, not going well, since the site is built on 25-year-old HTML and 30-KB text files. The best the attacker can do is reload the largest HTML file on the site (the 1.1-MB Angelique script translation) about 800 times a day, which still isn't exactly buckling the servers, particularly given the nominal size of normal downloads. It hasn't had any impact on standard traffic or operations, so it actually took me a while to realize what was going on: "Huh. I wonder why that one person's been reloading the Angelique translation so much. ...Oh, it's an attack."

My response has been to move the file temporarily, which seems to have ended the whole matter. Which makes for an awfully polite attack, honestly: to cease without muss or fuss once noticed. I have no idea what prompted the DDOS in the first place, though. Did I just win the script kiddie lottery? Did LunarNet at long last get sick of me and decide to try to do in my site once and for all? Was someone angry at steps being made toward getting Angelique translated, suffering from the syndrome that leads certain otome fans to react with inexplicable hostility toward anyone attempting to patch a Koei title?

Hey, if the DDOSer's reading this: how about telling me? Shoot me a reply below. You can just make up an email address. I won't publish the post if you don't want me to do so. Just tell me what it was about.

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