Perhaps the most pivotal of Adol's acquisitions in Ys II is a spell that changes him into a monster and allows him understand their speech. While this spell figures into several puzzle solutions, you can also use it to talk with your fellow monsters, and though you might expect a lot of threats and growls, it actually yields adorable chit-chat about the ins & outs of monster life:

The townspeople are not so adept at conversation when approached in your monster form, however:

Another monster-related incident of note occurs when Adol is recruited to rescue a young kidnap victim from a nearby village. The abductee is trapped in the monsters' prison with a demon.

Right, so Keith mentions that he can break down the door with the right MacGuffin, which Adol passes to him, albeit with difficulty:

This cements Keith as an enemy of demonkind, so everywhere you go, the monsters are careful to track the movements, curse the name, and swear vengeance upon the great traitor, the hellbound terror...Keith.

There's also a sidequest where you're told of strange scratching about in a local cellar, whose walls you eventually have to bomb to reveal a secret passage to a nearby dungeon. Upon doing this, hordes and hordes of monsters will pour out, an order of magnitude beyond anything you'll encounter elsewhere in the game. It appears to be an onslaught from the depths of hell. If you transform and chat, though, every single one of the monsters says this:

They're not this marauding bloodthirsty horde that you originally thought; they're just blinded by the change in light and flailing & stumbling about, understandably disoriented by this inconsiderate weirdo messing up their home. They're just ordinary monster-people, freaking out after you've been a bad neighbor. I just thought that was hilarious.

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