Happy Easter! You're looking at Epistory: Typing Chronicles, a typing game with a distinctive papercraft look.

You're playing as an amnesiac girl accompanied by a three-tailed fox spirit as she recovers her memories by traveling through a mindscape of metaphorized events from her (modern, real-world) life.

The metaphors are very thin and very college at times, mind you. That's the explanation for the phrases you're seeing on the landscape: internal narration.

I don't recall what's happening here; probably arguing in a Philosophy 101 class.

It is a good game, despite the unsubtlety, combining environmental exploration and satisfyingly intense typing action with lush visuals. This level in particular, with its pinwheels and sunlight and birds and clean white-pastel-sky blue floating springtime palette, stuck with me as a very Easter landscape - which is why you're seeing these images today, a few years after I completed the title. It looks even better in motion, be it through the linked video - or through your own playthrough.

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