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Better know your Guardians!
Queen Candidate Support Project 1: Questionnaire for the Guardians

The Floating City may be in the midst of the Queen Examination, but some might be thinking: "You know, I really don't know that much yet about the Guardians!" So I, Cyrus, have taken it upon myself to conduct a survey among the Guardians - with the complete cooperation of the Royal Research Institute. There were a whopping 20 questions in all! [Note: Unfortunately, the Royal Translator failed to receive a budget allocation, so we have translations of only the nine questions available from the public promo video.] Use this information as you see fit: to identify Guardians on your wavelength, or to gain a better understanding of the one who's captured your heart. Oh, also: I've taken the liberty of omitting honorifics at places in the survey comments. Well, without further ado! (byline: Cyrus)

*Respondents are listed on graphs in order of strength of sentiment.

1. Do you enjoy conversation?

Yes: Yue, Xeno, Lorenzo, Milan
No: Noah, Shuri, Felix, Kanata, Virgil

Xeno: You always learn something new!
Shuri: There's no point to senseless chit-chat.

What a result - over half responded "no!" A Guardian wears many hats in his job, and he already has a great many opportunities for chit-chat over the course of his day, what with the Royal Research Institute and meeting citizens of the planets - that's my theory, anyway... Well, they're all adults. Perhaps they're putting all their energy into their work.

2. Quantity or quality?

Quantity: Kanata, Shuri, Xeno
Quality: Felix, Lorenzo, Yue, Milan, Vergil, Noah

Kanata: I don't really see a difference.
Felix: Beauty is my only requirement.

As a devoted online shopper, this is a frequent dilemma: quality, or quantity? On the planet of Birth, where the Queen Candidates lived, there's a saying: "you get what you pay for." But, of course...everyone has their own opinion! You do you!

3. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Dog person: Yue, Xeno, Milan, Shuri
Cat person: Kanata, Noah, Felix, Vergil, Lorenzo

Yue: A canine companion...that'd be just the best!
Vergil: Cats have a certain magnetism...they entice you to chase after them.

Cat-vs.-dog is an age-old struggle, but the results here were split almost evenly. Also, it's not as if anyone was "I absolutely CAN'T STAND cats!" or "NO cats - NO WAY!!". Well, both are adorable, after all.

4. Which is more important: money or love?

Money: Shuri, Vergil, Felix, Lorenzo
Love: Yue, Xeno, Milan, Noah, Kanata

Shuri: "Love"...*tuh*.
Kanata: I want to be surrounded by those important to me.

The Guardians appear evenly split on this. Ultimately, money seems to have the majority.
Looking at the graph, one cannot help but notice it seems to be divided by age; is this significant? It's a mystery!

5. Which would you choose: friendship or romance?

Friendship: Shuri, Kanata, Xeno, Yue, Felix, Vergil, Noah
Romance: Lorenzo, Milan

Noah: By process of elimination...
Lorenzo: By process of elimination, I guess.

Friendship won in a landslide. I get it, I get it... You have those who think: "I've never been in love, and it seems so cool! So I choose romance!" And then you have those who think: "I don't really know that much about romance, so I choose friendship!" It's a process-of-elimination thing, it seems, at least for some. You can, perhaps, divide the respondents into those who are curious about the unknown - and those who aren't! I see, I see. Incidentally, when I posed the same question to the Royal Researchers, they also split neatly in half. Romance, or friendship...humanity will be split on this issue for as long as humans exist.
...By the way, the Guardians split exactly the same way when it came to Question 15. Very intriguing! [Note: The intrigue will have to wait, as I don't have access to Question 15 as of this writing.] I wonder what it is that Milan and Lorenzo have in common? Beats me. If you have a clue, please report in to the Royal Research Institute.

6. Do you want to help or be helped?

Help: Vergil, Lorenzo, Xeno, Shuri, Yue, Felix
Be helped: Milan, Noah, Kanata

Lorenzo: It's important to educate your proteg├ęs!
Milan: I've never helped anybody. [
Note: This is the funniest thing any of these characters have said.]

Seems that many more Guardians want to help! What a relief, am I right? I mean, what would we be doing, meddling in the affairs of grown adult men. Perhaps the helpful side just wants to be good mentors? I'd like to explore the gap between that ideal and the reality, though.

7. Sweet or spicy?

Sweet: Noah, Yue, Shuri, Xeno, Milan
Spicy: Vergil, Kanata, Lorenzo, Felix

Noah: I like milder flavors.
Kanata: Clean, crisp flavors are better, I guess.

Another basically 50-50 split. From the survey responses, there were no "I'm never eating this" extreme viewpoints, but I do wonder what they really think. It'd be nice if there were an opportunity to ask them about their culinary preferences during the Queen's Exam.

8. Are you a tea person or a coffee person?

Tea: Yue, Vergil, Noah, Felix, Shuri
Coffee: Lorenzo, Kanata, Xeno, Milan

Yue: But I'll drink coffee, too!
Lorenzo: I savor the time it all takes to brew.

A brief respite from their duties - an important time! And every Guardian has their favored beverage, I hear - not just coffee or tea! It might be a good idea to stock up in anticipation of sharing a pleasant moment with a Guardian. You can purchase beverages on your continent!

9. Are you the indoor type or the outdoor type?

Indoor type: Noah, Kanata, Lorenzo, Felix, Milan
Outdoor type: Vergil, Yue, Xeno, Shuri

Noah: I...don't want to get up and move.
Vergil: The Floating City is such a pleasant place!

You can probably guess the results from the Guardians' everyday routines.
The Floating City has so much to provide a relaxing, enjoyable time for the Queen Candidates and the Guardians. You should find a favorite spot of your own.

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