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  • How is it taking four (down from five) individuals to set up a tent?
  • If Barton quit when it "came time" to position the tent poles and hammer in the pegs - which is typically the first and primary thing you do in setting up a tent, outside of feeding the poles through the fabric, which could arguably fall under "positioning," and ground sheets, which involve peg-hammering and thus did not have Barton participation - with what part of the tent-pitching process did he help out? Getting the tents out of the van?
  • Why did anyone feel it necessary to dig a ditch? You do that to draw water away from the campsite. Granted, they're in actual wilderness and not a campground site-selected for optimal camper comfort, but they're also there for *one night.* (I know there's a huge contingent of Oslo academia on this trip and everyone had to have a minimally-taxing make-work job to do, but come on.)
  • Who, when stocking up on groceries for a campfire dinner, thinks: "Ah! Soup!"
  • Or salad? (I was going to say, "well, maybe, it's like potato salad," but Jennifer's tossing the salad, so, no. You'd also have the problem of refrigeration - but you're encountering much the same problem with salad greens.)
  • Why is Beth browning meat over a portable burner instead of cooking it over a campfire? Yes, a campfire involves collecting wood and trying to get it to light on fire and other aggravating activties, but it'd be a more effective use of manpower than digging a ditch. Did the vehicle Nolan rented just come with some sort of portable burner? Since many of the campers came along on the Scissorman Hunt on a "oh, let's tour a lovely English castle!" lark, wouldn't they insist on roasting marshmallows and other fun campfire activities during their impromptu camping stop? Was Nolan, or Helen or one of the cooler heads, just afraid that they'd burn down the whole forest—
    ...Never mind; the burner was a good idea.
  • —Wait a minute; how has the meat been refrigerated?

In conclusion, I think this expedition could have benefited from the Season 1 Supernatural approach to camping provisions:

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