So I was browsing Yahoo Japan at one of those sporadic times I remember I'm supposed to be looking for the Clock Tower: Ghost Head/The Struggle Within manga that was published in '98 but never preserved in a compilation, and I run across this:

Not the right year of GFantasy, but hold on:

There was an ActRaiser manga?

A look at the images on display suggests that ActRaiser, like other epic '90s SNES properties, got the generic "teenage boy with sword adventure" treatment. A bit more of a downgrade in the case of ActRaiser, where you're literally playing God.

Additional pages give a glimpse of other renowned ActRaiser characters:

  • heroine in maid outfit
  • goddess in '80s power suit
  • guy with '90s round pince-nez sunglasses who should have a rattail if he doesn't

The manga hasn't been fan-translated yet, apparently.


ETA: OK, I've ordered the manga; we'll get to the bottom of this.

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