On Twitter, writer & translator Ryo Morise speculates on possible Lovecraft inspirations: I just realized now that the twins from Clock Tower are probably taken from "The Dunwich Horror." Given the Nameless Pagans thing, the circumstantial evidence is pitch-black.

"The Dunwich Horror" concerns two demonic twins—one humanoid but deformed, and murderous; the other, the real threat, a gigantic crawling mass with a human face secluded deep within the family residence. The twins are born into a family worshipping...well, this is Lovecraft, so it's the Old Ones instead of demons as with the Barrows, but six (six six) of one... In both cases, the mother is human, but the father is an otherworldly monstrosity: the Outer God Yog-Sothoth in "Dunwich"; the infernal Great Father in Clock Tower, at least in the novels.

Speaking of the novels: The Nameless Pagans is a fictitious book in Clock Tower's novelizations supposedly detailing the pagan faith followed by the murderous Barrows patriarch, as per this conversation between scholar of religion Prof. Sullivan and protagonist Helen Maxwell:

Sullivan links this proto-faith to the sites of giant standing stones with religious significance scattered across Europe, an apparent inspiration from "The Call of Cthulhu" and its accounts of bloodthirsty faiths across the world with inexplicable points of commonality in their objects and manner of worship. Sullivan goes on to argue that the more anti-social aspects of this primitive faith found later purchase among the Celts:

Going back to the Dunwich brothers: the Dan equivalent is felled by a bolt of summoned lightning. Kerosene, it seems, wouldn't have availed Jennifer in this case:

Neither would have scrambling up that stone cliff:

On a personal note, it's hard to read "Dunwich," as the second half of the story is bloated with eyestrain-inducing attempts at backwater jargon such as this:

In closing, as a resident of Maine:

Glad to hear the New England small-town experience has remained constant throughout the ages.

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