Crazy rush housecleaning! Lunar Week! DbD anniversary! Clock Tower project collab! Translation job for a company that hires a lot of uncles, that probably will come to nothing, but we'll see! Hey: did you know the guy who runs your local puppy mill wants a seat on the state Animal Welfare board?! Also: that dentist who said you needed two crowns was apparently lying, but this new dentist says you have six cavities! Is this dentist lying? Is she including spots that could remineralize? Was your old dentist not actually monitoring your tooth health during those six-month checkups? Isn't this a problem you wanted to try to solve while making major life decisions?!

Oh, and there's also a Clock Tower revamp coming.

And to top it off, a few days ago, I hear this paleontological bombshell:

Woman at taco restaurant shepherding about 5 first-graders: We're going to see the dinosaur museum on Friday. They died out millions of years ago.
Kid: Yeah! The dinosaurs got shot!

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