Someone's leaked the next two upcoming chapters for Dead by Daylight - past the immediately-upcoming "SCP + goth girlfriend" one that just had a beta, I mean. The source has apparently been right about everything since the Alien chapter, so the leaks seem solid.

One of the chapters is a collaboration with an extremely well-known gaming franchise that hasn't been represented in DbD previously. If you don't care about getting spoiled on Dead by Daylight, I urge you to click the readmore (even if you don't care about DbD!), as the reaction is pretty hilarious.

All right, so the rumor is that it's a Castlevania chapter. Utterly awesome! Belmonts and Jill Valentine and Pyramid Head and Ash Williams all in the same game.

OK, so I continue reading the forum thread where I learned this info for reactions, and the primary point of discussion becomes:

Who's going to be the killer?!?!

Ah. Yes. WHO on EARTH could be the KILLER in a CASTLEVANIA CHAPTER?!?!?


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