Not that that's been hard to guess, but I put a formal notice on my translation site, so I might as well put one here. I have tons of half-finished posts I wish I could push over the finish line, but I also have: a big project that needs my immediate attention on several fronts right now; a terrific upcoming job opportunity; some legal stuff to wrap up regarding an honest-to-goodness IRL stalker I got over the last couple months; and a big decision to make that's unrelated, largely, to the previous items. Something has to give for a bit, and that "something" is my other internet work, so as much as I enjoy writing for this place, it's gotta go on the back burner for at least a few more weeks.

That's all from me. Please enjoy this image from the Products That Think '70s/'80s tech catalog of a novelty tech executive with, among other products, an '80s Pac-Man phone.

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