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Let's jump right in. One of the first questions addresses a very pertinent concern:

- I'd like to ask about your...office wear? Why is your chest so exposed?...
"Why"? Because I decided it suits me, I suppose!

- Even since I first saw you, Lorenzo, I've been curious about your outfit. Is it customary dress in your homeland?
It's rather different from what I wore before I became a Guardian, but I like how relaxed and comfortable it is.

A detail:

- Lorenzo, what is that red stone on your chest?
A pigeon blood ruby!

As the Guardian of Knowledge-Bestowing or -Granting or Whatever the Hell Earth:

- Lorenzo, is there anything you wanted when you were little?
Knowledge! All kinds - more than anyone. That's still true today.

A very good answer:

- If you saw a shooting star, Lorenzo, what would you wish for?
To never know a moment's boredom in my life.

- What makes you happy?
When I'm confronting unsolvable mysteries.

- What do you do on your days off?
Study things; research something I've been wanting to research. Make something with Xeno - I do that a lot.

- Lorenzo, is there any idea invention or research topic you've been so obsessed with that you've forgotten to eat or sleep? Tell us about it!
There are lots of things, but I've become obsessed with our way of life itself - upending the foundations of what we consider common knowledge.


- You always seem so calm and composed. What's your secret?
Never let them see your true self!

A frustrating lack of information:

- What was your impression of the previous Guardian of Earth?
An incredible person! But I can't say much.

- Lorenzo, have you made or gotten your hands on anything interesting lately? Tell us!
I've heard of something *very* interesting - but it's still a secret, it seems. But I suppose you'll hear about it soon enough!

An interesting perspective:

- If you could have a pet, what kind of pet would you have?
I wouldn't keep a living creature.

I very nearly didn't translate this one because it's so stupid, but I had an insight:

- Lorenzo, you look like you smell good for some reason. Do you wear cologne or something?
I wear spicy scents!

There's this short manga where the original Guardians all switch bodies, and Oscar gets Luva's, and he spends the manga in Luva's body riding around on horseback with his shirt open to his waist. I think Lorenzo was directly inspired by that manga.

Moving on to favorites:

- Lorenzo, what are you favorite and not-so-favorite foods?
I like lamb, I suppose... Not-so-favorite is a secret.

Why? Is that too many game tips?

- Do you normally listen to music? What genres do you like?
I listen to many kinds, but recently, I've been fond of quiet pieces.

- Lorenzo, do you like cold weather or hot weather better?
Cold weather. Coffee tastes better.

- Every day, I find myself staying up late unintentionally. Are you a morning person or a night person, Lorenzo?
A night person! We'll both have to watch out for each other, hm? Ha ha!

Again with this question, which I think is a plant:

Lorenzo, if in the future, you have to fight a powerful enemy who threatens the entire universe, what kind of weapon would you use? Or, if not a weapon, would you use magic?
I'd like to try magic. I've never used it.

I wonder if they are planning a Tenkuu no Requiem equivalent for this universe if Luminarise goes well. It's one of the most popular installments, and while Leviath/Arios and his entourage are mostly responsible for that, the RPG format has to help. I'd like to see their attempt at that, actually.

Coworker relationships:

- If, by some strange event in the Sanctuary, you changed bodies with one other Guardian for a day, who would you prefer?
I wouldn't want it to just anyone... I'd have to say Milan. I want to see things through his eyes.

- Do the Auspicious Owl Guardians get together outside work?
Sure, we do! Not all together, though.

- With which Divine Bird and Auspicious Owl Guardians do you talk a lot, and with which Guardians haven't you had much of an opportunity to talk? Tell us!
I talk a lot with the Auspicious Owl Guardians, of course, but, hmmm...I talk the most often to Yue, Virgil, and Shuri - though Shuri's just always mad. There's not anyone with whom I don't particularly talk.

- Lorenzo, which Guardian is most on your wavelength?
Yue is the one who's easiest to understand. I don't know if we're on the same wavelength, though.

- Is there anyone among the Auspicious Owl Guardians by whom you're really impressed? If so, why?
That also would be Yue. He does what I can't - only natural for the Primus.

I still think Yue's a giant ass for giving himself that title.

A few questions for each Auspicious Owl Guardian will be dedicated to asking their impressions of their Divine Bird counterpart, which will near-unfailingly be "oh, he's wonderful, I really respect him," but Lorenzo is a bit different.

- What was your first impression of Luva?
Calm and gentle, I suppose. I apologize, but at first, I didn't think he was very knowledgable! I've had to reconsider that.


- What do you think of Luva, the Divine Bird Guardian?
Dignified, broad-minded, doesn't make a display of his overwhelming knowledge. I think he's a wonderful person!


- When you were in the Mystic Canal with Luva, he seemed to be telling you about some ridiculous fight they had in the Divine Bird universe. What was it about?
He was telling me an interesting story about Zephel.

Finally, I chose this more for the question rather than the answer, an interesting take on knowledge and its potential sources:

- I've been in contact with little children recently, and every day is full of discoveries. Do you like children, Lorenzo?
I don't not like what I see of them! They're upfront, and they do the unexpected.


I'm actually mainly doing Xeno's questions here because I'm too lazy to futz with cutting & pasting images. There doesn't seem to be much to Xeno. That's not a big problem - there's a place for uncomplicated characters, and he's one of the few apparently-nice characters in this cast - but that doesn't make him intriguing. Consider the below a potpourri.

- Sorry to ask, but do you have any siblings, Xeno?
Yes, I do! Lots! I had a lot of relatives around me.

- Tell us the favorite thing you've invented!
There are so many! Every one has an important memory attached to it. I never forget the smiles on the faces of the people who've received them.

- Xeno, of all the things you've made, which do you think has many people the happiest?
There are lots, but...well. Yue still tells me "thanks" for the Pegasus System! It makes me happy.

- Xeno, tell us a food you love and a food you have a hard time with!
I love cream croquettes! Any kind of filling is fine, I guess. They have a gentle flavor, and they've delicious, don't you think? I don't really like spicy stuff that much...

- Xeno, you like to cook; what are your specialties?
I'll make anything, but really long-simmered stews are pretty nice this time of year, I think.

- Is there anything you frequently eat for breakfast, Xeno?
Stuff that sticks with me, I guess...like rice, or pasta. I get hungry easily.

On that note, possible gameplay tip:

- I'm really looking forward to the open-air interviews! Is there anywhere in the park where we can have fun together?
Oh, lots! I like the cafe terrace. I get hungry easily, so I go there often.

In a different question, he also says he likes places with "lots of weird stuff."


- Xeno, you frequently work with Kanata; do you eat with him frequently, too? What do you eat when you're together?
Oh, we do! We eat lots of different stuff: ramen - Kanata likes that - hamburgers...we eat a lot!

- Hello! What's your favorite color, Xeno?
Let me see... I like any color, but I kind of like smoky pink.

In another version of this question, he also mentions "steel" (naturally, I guess) as a favorite color. Another fan mentions that he has a pink office, but I don't where they're getting info on offices yet, unless there's something in the CD books or the promo videos if you Zapruder them or something.

- Xeno, do you like morning or night better?
Night...I think. I mean, at nighttime, I can do what I want all the time. --Oh, but it's not like I hate my job or anything!

- Xeno, is there anything you just can't stand?
I have a hard time seeing someone sad. I know there are times when you just can't do anything about it, but it's tough!

- If you could have one wish, what would you wish for?
Peace throughout the universe, and for everyone to be happy! Well, that's something we all have to pursue, though, right?

- Pleased to meet you, Xeno! On Birth, new gaming consoles, VR, and other technologies are constantly coming out on the market. Is there anything you'd like to be developed?
Something where it really feels like you're there - like you can really feel the atmosphere, the vibrations, that sort of thing. That way, people who can't travel can have the experience of going.

This is an interesting question and answer:

- If you could transform into anything for a day, Xeno, what would it be?
An ant, I guess. Going deep underground, getting to see the queen ant in person - I'd like that.

Back to one of this series' favorite topics, hair care:

- It looks like you tie back your long hair; do you do anything special with it? It's so cute; it looks like a horse!
What - a horse?! Ah ha ha, I don't think I've heard that before! Ummm...there's nothing really special I do, but if my hair's too short, it looks kind of kiddish, I think.

That's not nice! I mean, I make snide remarks all the time, but let's leave the few decent people alone here!

- How long have you worn your hair long?
Since I became a Guardian, I guess... Everyone else's hair looked so cool that I felt awkward! Please don't tell me whether it's working!

- The lenses on your goggles are each a different shape. That's strange; does it serve some sort of purpose?
It's surprising, right? They're different in case I need to look at something in a different way.

- When those of us on Birth look up at the sky, do our thoughts reach the Guardians?
Yeah! Not all in detail, I mean, when you're sad, when you're happy - that comes through to me. I hope you're looking up at the sky with happy thoughts!

I imagine it's like ActRaiser, with the little music-note thought balloons above the houses.

The sky holds something different for Xeno himself, though:

- Tell us about something that's happened recently that you found moving!
I'm not really that type that's easily moved, but looking at a pretty sky somehow makes me happy and sad at once.

- With which Divine Bird and Auspicious Owl Guardians do you talk a lot, and with which Guardians haven't you had much of an opportunity to talk? Tell us!
With the Divine Bird Guardians, I talk the most with Zephel, of course! After him, Julious, I think... With the Auspicious Owl Guardians, I think it's Kanata, hands down.

In another question, he mentions he's talked a lot with Julious and thinks he's "awesome." He also mentions being frequently being "impressed" with Yue.

- What did you think of Zephel when you first met him?
Right away, I thought he was brusque, but kind!

That says more about your better nature than Zephel's, I think.

- You seemed happy when you met Zephel; do he say anything when you talked that really stuck with you?
Oh, lots. Zephel told me, "Be yourself; that's enough," and that made me so happy.

- Xeno, you're always so nice and concerned about everyone around you; do you ever feel stressed out?
When I can't do something right, I guess. It happens all the time.

- Xeno, if in the future, you have to fight a powerful enemy who threatens the entire universe, what kind of weapon would you use? Or, if not a weapon, would you use magic?
Ah ha ha, what a fun question! OK - I'd like to shoot beams, actually!

- Xeno, what's the scenery that's most memorable to you?
That of my hometown...but I think that's the same for everyone.

Ending on a sweet note:

- Thanks for answering all these questions, Xeno. What's your happiest memory?
Happiest...hmmm. There are lots of moments...but my little brother calling me "oniichan" for the first time - I'll always remember that.

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