I was originally going to finish this up by doing Yue, Vergil, and Shuri's questions all in one feature. (Kanata doesn't field any questions, presumably because he's not present at this "point in time," since the game hasn't been released and he doesn't get recruited until the Queen's Exam, but he's mentioned in the others' replies, because the whole point of the feature is to get to know more about these characters' lives together.) I thought I'd do Shuri first since he seems like the least obnoxious of the three...but he had a lot of questions. I don't know if this is because the feature was newer at the time than it was with the other Guardians or if it's a true reflection of Shuri's popularity. In any case, he's getting his own section.


The very first question:

- Shuri, what kind of impression does Oscar make from your perspective?
A strong man. Unyielding, uncompromising.

- What was your first impression of Oscar, the Divine Bird Guardian of Fire?
Generally speaking, strong. An overwhelming presence the likes of whom I've never met.

He also mentions in another question that he "respects" Oscar, but he'd "never say it to his face."

- Shuri, you have an earring in your left ear, like Oscar. Is there some sort of significance to it?
Oscar asked me about it as well, but there's absolutely no meaning with me. It's just a coincidence.

With Oscar, it's a memoriam of his first love. It was that way in the Retour comics, at least; I don't know if that idea predates Retour (though the idea of a backstory behind the earring most certainly does).


- Are you the type who loves all women, or are you the type who passionately whispers love to his chosen woman?
Er...I'm not really either... I like women, but not really in that way.

Moving on to the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems:

- I hear you go out drinking with Vergil a lot; what kind of liquor do you like, Shuri?
I'll drink anything, but with Vergil, it's usually whiskey or vodka.

Shuri willingly spending time with Vergil. That's disappointing. I suppose the alcohol dulls the pain.

- I hear you go out drinking with Yue and the others a lot; I wonder what you talk about!
What indeed. Yue's the one who talks a lot, I feel. I'm quiet by comparison.

See above, substituting "Yue" for "Vergil."

- Of all the Auspicious Owl Guardians, who's the easiest to talk to?
...That's a tough question. Vergil...or Yue.

Never mind.

With Vergil, there might be an explanation, though:

- Of all the Auspicious Owl Guardians, with whom do you feel most comfortable - who's the easiest to be around?
Easiest to be around...from that perspective, Vergil. You can be with him and not talk.

I imagine Vergil does all the talking. About himself.

- When you go out drinking, do you enjoy just the liquor, or do you have some kind of snack with it?
Usually just the liquor. Sometimes I'll have cheese or fruit, though.

Japan and its pub snacks. (Shuri denies a connection to Japanese culture in other questions despite his outfit, though.)

- When the Guardians all drink together, how do they usually act? Angry drunks, crying drunks, laughing drunks?
It puts Yue in even higher spirits, I feel. No one cries.

Game tips section:

- Tell us the qualities you think are necessary in a Queen.
Whether or not she truly wishes to protect the universe.

- Is there anywhere you're fond of in the Sanctuary or Floating City?
I generally like anywhere quiet. Natural places aren't bad.

He says in another question that he "basically like[s] anywhere with a lot of nature."

- Are there any spots you recommend in the Auspicious Owl universe? Tell us!
There are lots of places in the park; you should find someplace agreeable there.

- What's your type of woman, Shuri?
Independent. Doesn't get in the way.

- At the moment, do you have a special someone?
If you mean "at the moment, right now," no.

Is the person he's trying to save, then, an FF6 Rachel situation rather than a family member?

- Are you wearing anything that has special meaning for you, Shuri? Tell us.
I can't answer that.

It's not the earring; you can't see any other jewelry in his character art, but his hands aren't clearly visible - conspicuously so, now that I look at it. Is it a ring? Was Shuri once married? That would be a bold departure for the series - a once-married love interest. (Someone else asks him if there's anything he brought from his homeland that he treasures, and he similarly says "can't answer.")

More on the past:

- What do you think of Lorenzo?
The mere mention of his name makes me grit my teeth.

- What kind of place is your home planet, Owl?
I can't make generalizations. It's a big planet.

- Do you have any brothers?
In the true sense, I don't know.

In happier hobbies:

- You have an interest in reading and data. What kind of books do you like?
I'll read anything. Novels, how-to books - picture books, on occasion.

I know a Dragonmaster who shares some of your tastes in reading material.

- Of all the books you're read so far, are there any that left a particular impression on you or that you particularly like?
There are many, but when I was a child, I particularly liked this story about an elephant who found his place at the space circus.

Maybe you should recommend that one to Dyne.

(Shuri also mentions that "I like the other worlds to which books bring you.")

- Do you have any current obsessions?
I'm currently caught in in this new series of novels I've just started reading.

I'm not one for series of novels myself. It's such an overplayed marketing ploy nowadays.

- I hear Luva's office has a lot of books; have you borrowed any?
No, I haven't. I've heard stories; maybe someday...

- Do you have any moments when you realize that even you're being too fussy?
With the heights of my books, I suppose. It gets to me when they're all out of order. Worrying about such a small detail is too obsessive, I suppose.

There's a comic on this, by the way.

Favorites and personal opinions:

- What's your favorite time of day?

- Meat or fish?

- Sweet or spicy?
I've have to say sweet if pressed.

- What's your favorite season, Shuri?
I like it when it's cooler. I find being drenched in sweat when it's hot irritating.

In another question, he remarks that he likes autumn and expresses mild surprise when the questioner mentions they have four seasons where they live.

- Tell us about your fashion sense.
Sorry to get your hopes up, but I have nothing to discuss when it comes to fashion.

He does mention in other questions, however, that contrary to the impression given by his outfit, he does not come from a Japanese-inspired culture.

- Have you always had that hairstyle?
I cut it myself, so yes.

I don't see the problem with his hair. Yue, on the other hand...

- Do you prefer a kind person or a confident person?
I feel that "confident" is different from "strong"...I'd prefer some clarification.

"Strong" and "confident" use the same kanji.

- Do you have a favorite animal? What do you like about them?
Animal... ...No, I can't think of any. They all seem the same to me.

- If you were to compare yourself to an animal, what kind of animal would you be?
That's an unexpected question. Animals...I can't really envision myself as an animal...maybe a wild dog?

- What's your go-to form of transportation?
If I have a distance to go, a horse.

- Tell us what you do to relax!
At night, I have a drink alone while reading.

They seem to be going with an abuse-victim storyline with Noah, so I hope they're not going with an alcoholism story with Shuri.

- I'd love to hear your liquor recommendations.
I recommend it if you can hold your liquor. Not if you can't.

- Shuri, you've said that you like spending time alone; what activities make you happiest?
When I'm sitting alone drinking and reading.

- What's your favorite food?
Green tea.

- Is there anything you can say you're proud of - that you're particularly good at?
Let me think... ...Well, I generally don't lose in arguments.

- Tell us how you release stress.
Clean, or run...either one.

Fore the next one, Shuri mentions in another question that he works out:

- Tell us your recommended training method, Shuri.
It's not the method; it's the commitment.

- You're the Guardian of Strength, Shuri; tell us your favorite weapon.
It's not like I can wield many. I can wield knives...well, and swords.

He chose a sword for the Requiem question as well.

- Shuri, what's the secret of your strength?
A sense of duty to protect the weak.

- What are the good points for you of becoming a Guardian?
I was able to protect that which was important to me.


- Is your Floating City a different Floating City than the one used for the Divine Bird Queen's Exam?
Cyrus is telling me "don't answer," so I can't say. Sorry.

- Before you were a Guardian, you seem to have been living a normal life on the central planet. What did you do?
Cyrus is bringing his face closer. It seems I can't say. Sorry.

Incidentally, Shuri has a somewhat-interesting answer to this perennial question:

- What kind of person is Cyrus to you, Shuri?
...A necessary presence, but we don't have a close connection. That sort of colleague.

We all have people like that at work. (They're really trying to hype up Cyrus as this wacky presence, and I think it's backfiring, as the wackiest thing it's mentioned he's done is eat a banana.)

More on other colleagues:

- From your perspective, Shuri, what are Yue's good points and bad points?
A good point: he makes quick decisions. A bad point: he's loud.

- From your perspective, Shuri, what kind of person is Kanata?
Basically...I think he's still a child who needs to be protected.

- Are there any Guardians who don't keep their rooms neat?
All of our offices are kept in order, but that's not the case with our personal quarters, I think. For example, with Yue, Kanata...Xeno.

- I've heard that Cyrus is a strange person; is there anyone else you'd say is strange?
Lorenzo's perspective and priorities are completely incomprehensible to me.

- Are there any ideas or convinctions you hold important in your role as a Guardian?
You can't show favoritism. Though that's the direct opposite of Vergil's approach.

I can tell I'm just going to love Vergil.

A weird question:

- Which of the Guardians has the best handwriting?
Yue, Felix, or Lorenzo, maybe.

Weird Yue isn't a lock on this, since calligraphy is his hobby.

- Do you agree at all with blood types [and personality typing]? Have the Guardians around you said anything about it?
I've read a book about it, but frankly, I don't understand it well. I don't believe the other Guardians pay attention to it?

Recent developments:

- Have you whittled anything recently? Have you given anything you made as presents?
I made a bird. I don't really give what I make to anyone.

I know a wizard who shares your tastes in sculpture. He works more in stone, though.

- What's made you happiest recently?
The egg in the nest I can see from my office window hatched and left the nest. That made me feel good.

- Shuri, have you seen anything recently that's made you think, "oh, cute!"? Tell us about it!
I thought the children I saw while on observation were cute. I didn't approach them myself, though.

Someone else asks him the same question, and he responds: "Animal babies born in nature are cute, I think. Well, usually."

- It was your birthday last month, Shuri; did you get a present from any of the Guardians?
Yue gave me something. A beautiful bookmark.

Yue seems consistently thoughtful, at least.

An appropriate final question:

- You've answered so many questions from us, Shuri. If you could sum up your feelings right now in a single word, what would it be?
"Grateful," I'd say. That you find me cute. Even though you don't really know me.

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