Not great, Dave!

  • I got stuff to do for Lunar Week (starting on the 20th, this Sunday). I got stuff to write; I got stuff to scan; I got stuff to grab imagewise from emulators and LPs. I hate working with images. I love posting images; I love the posts that result from images; being able to put together reasonably good-looking picture-page stuff like the Phantasmagoria review or even the post on Psycho Dream is one of the joys of having this blog. Obtaining and refining images, though, has always been a problem and a pain in the neck for me. I've never been good at it, and one of the posts I want to put up for Lunar Week involves wrangling images from several sources. (Animated gifs would be more illustrative of a number of points, but that's way beyond my skillset.)
    I'm using Lunar Week to get a number of Lunar-related things out the door that have been shuffling around in the vestibule for too long. And despite complaining, I have made progress, even with the imaging projects! I've scanned pages from a doujinshi, and I've also scanned the complete run of Shining Forth, the RPG zine mentioned here I loved in the 16-bit era. Of course, image cropping & processing awaits. And then the other imaging projects. And then the writing. Only some of which is done. (There were also loose ends on a long-undone Lunar translation project I wanted to tie up for Lunar Week, and, oh, man. I have been supremely irresponsible with that project to a point that makes me extremely disappointed in myself.)
  • I gotta play The Quarry before I get spoiled on it. I'm getting a physical copy on PS4 to avoid potential performance/response-time issues on my laptop and to have a little bit of resale security in case Supermassive pulls another wolf incident, but I have to wait for a special order to come in, as no one reputable in my area had it in stock. I'm currently watching other shows by two streamers who are playing it, and while I'm being careful to avoid chats, prestream shows, etc., I'm on Overbeck-level borrowed time. Even watching unrelated YouTube videos is getting perilous, with all the thumbnails on the side promising EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THE QUARRY. The rush seems ridiculous - it's literally a few days old, and it's a miracle I've so far avoided being informed of every single development and branch in every plot beat.
  • Then I gotta play the sequel to A.I.: The Somnium Files, which releases in a few days, and you can just copy everything above with the difficulties on that.
  • I gotta knock out Live-a-Live before the - remake? remaster? I don't know what you'd call whatever Square does to its 16-bit titles nowadays; it's not extensive enough for the former and not enough, you know, in the positive direction for the latter - comes out. I have a couple pieces I'd like to write up and get out before the game debuts officially in the West.
  • There's also something I want to write up that's time-sensitive about a professional translation in which I was involved. Lotta writing going on. Lotta playing not going on.
  • As for watching: I tried watching Stranger Things, and I got all of one episode in. It wasn't because of the quality of the program; I just have limited time to watch programs with undivided attention anymore. Lots of my video watching consists of stream that can go on in the background as a supplemental diversion while I'm doing something hobby- or work-related.
  • I've also spent a good deal of time collecting documentation and evidence on an Ongoing Local Problem for allegedly interested authorities. If past patterns hold, all this time expenditure will result in absolutely nothing, but I have to try. I also wanted to enjoy the May weather and flowers a bit; Maine has many problems, but it does look glorious in the two weeks of spring it gets. (That said, temperate weather has lasted a bit longer this year - all the way from May into mid-June! - so fingers crossed this continues.) I also had a sudden medical issue that for which I had to track down specialist treatment and am in line, I guess, to have examined, though my phone isn't exactly ringing off its hook. I'm in the middle of reading six books. I'm translating a Clock Tower novel and have 130 pages to go.

So, with all this, I decided to expend more time by complaining here about the state of affairs. Thank you for entertaining my first-world problems.

ETA: Now I gotta play something for work.

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