This winter, I played the Super Famicom suspense visual novel Kamaitachi no Yoru, which put 999 publisher Chunsoft on the map. I wrote a review here. It is currently No. *3* in "kamaitachi no yoru review" on Google, which gives you an indication of how little information there is for this game on the English-language web.

So let's put a little more information out there, in the form of some scattered bits that I couldn't include in the review. I'm not exactly sure for whom this post is meant, as the game has not been translated into English; it did receive an adaptation of sorts in the iOS title Banshee's Last Cry, but from what I can tell, that version not only changed the names but also the setting and, to a degree, the characters themselves, so good luck following along!

I haven't played Fire Emblem Fates, but when I came across Yuliya Litvinova's Fairies and the Peasant Girl, I was reminded of a certain headlining character. I thought the black-and-gold color scheme, the thin, black thornlike crown, and the wavy, shoulder-length blond hair parted to one side might have been the inspiration for his design...but this was painted in 2018.

I just moved past the game's second big plot development, so let's have an early report.

...It's no longer looking at Jenova. The planet, that is. That's supposed to be a Clock Tower reference, but it's neither recognizable nor relevant, so never mind.

The Clue Crew series on Giant Bomb does not exactly speak to the technical chops of the Nancy Drew PC games, but the sunny San Francisco setting and lite-horror tinge - plus the game's short length and low-ish price - compelled me to give Message in a Haunted Mansion a low-expectations, nostalgia-driven spin. I've been down with the Drew since The Broken Anchor and have considerable tolerance for jank, but MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN is that interface rough - and the supporting cast is almost as abrasive, so I don't know if I'll be continuing. I appreciated the humor in this insurance document, though.

I thought I recognized Eriko Christy in Nancy's voice.